You are currently viewing The Seasons Are Changing. Make Sure Your Comfort Stays Consistent.

The Seasons Are Changing. Make Sure Your Comfort Stays Consistent.

Air One System Checks are a smart investment.

Fall can mean some pretty wonderful things. It’s the beginning of the holiday season, which brings with it food, family and celebrations. Fall also means changes in the landscape, with beautifully colored leaves and, often, a brisk chill in the air.

But while fall is a wonderful time of the year, it also means winter isn’t far behind. Make sure you’re ready for the coming cold weather with a system check from Air One Heating and Cooling.

A System Check Keeps Your Comfort Going Strong

When you get your system checked, we will carefully inspect each piece of equipment to make sure it’s running at its best. This will make your system run more effectively and efficiently.

During your system check, we will:

  • Check the refrigerant in your heat pump or air conditioner.
  • Too much or too little refrigerant will inhibit the efficiency of your system and potentially cause compressor damage.
  • Check filters or collection cells in your filtration system.
  • A clogged or dirty filter makes your furnace or air handler work harder to move air, which wastes electricity and reduces the life of your system.
  • Clean the blower motor and fan blades of your air handler or furnace.
  • A clean fan and blower run more quietly and efficiently.
  • Clean your indoor coil.
  • A dirty coil can’t transfer heat as efficiently as a clean coil, which can inhibit system performance.
  • Clean your outdoor coil.

Like a dirty indoor coil, a dirty outdoor coil can’t transfer heat efficiently, which makes more work for the system while consuming more energy to keep you comfortable.

Check The Performance Of Your System.

By measuring the effectiveness with which your system heats and cools compared to ambient air temperatures, we can tell how well your system works, and whether or not problems may be developing.

A System Check Is A Smart Investment.

Having your system checked can be a very smart investment. By paying a little money now, you help lower your energy costs over the entire season. That can translate to substantial savings in energy costs.

Having a system check now is also an investment in the life of your system. By catching small problems before they become big, you can save yourself costly repairs down the line. You can also help prevent unexpected breakdowns that can require new equipment, while leaving you at the mercy of winter’s worst.

Fall Is The Right Time.

There is no better time to get a system check than fall. First of all, the relatively mild weather means that even if we finds a problem, you won’t shiver through brutal winter weather while repairs are made. Schedule your fall system check today!

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