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Maintaining Proper Airflow Matters!

AirOne_Service_Call_3Airflow through your air conditioner is how cooling is exchanged in your home. Improper airflow means the air conditioner can’t do its job efficiently. Research shows that more than two-thirds of air conditioning systems suffer from low airflow. “Low flow” translates directly into decreased cooling capacity and increased utility costs.

It’s vital to ensure that your duct work is not leaking cooled air – otherwise, you are paying to air condition the whole neighborhood! If your ductwork leaks air from a hot, humid, nasty, dirty space like an attic or crawl space, you are lowering the air quality in your home by allowing contaminants into the system. Plus, it costs much more to cool hot, humid, nasty air than it does to remove cooler, cleaner air from your home. The average duct system leaks 30 percent of its airflow – that is a huge loss of efficiency that can be prevented by regular inspection of your AC system and ductwork to ensure optimal airflow.

In addition to airflow, charging your system correctly is vital. Field studies show that 44 percent of systems are incorrectly charged. Precise charging of your air conditioning system is required to achieve optimum efficiency and performance.

The Air One Value Protection Plan gives your system a complete checkup twice a year to ensure proper airflow and levels of refrigerant. It also allows us to detect any issues with your system and get them solved so your AC does not fail on a hot summer day. Sign up now and check your AC system off your list of things to worry about this summer!

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