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Does Shutting Off Your AC Save You Money?

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Summer is Heating Up

It is undoubtedly summertime – most of us are cranking up our air conditioning unit, but that could be running up your electric bill.

So the question is: Does turning off your air conditioning unit when you leave the house save you money?

The short answer is no.

Indoor Humidity

By shutting off your AC and opening doors and windows you allow humidity to accumulate within your house. This moisture in the air causes your AC to have to expend more energy cooling down your home. This Allows the inside of your home to reach outdoor heat and humidity levels can add, depending on the house, several hours before the AC unit can catch back up.

Lowering Your Bill

One of the easiest and most effective ways to lower your monthly electric bill is to turn up your thermostat by 4 to 5 degrees when you leave the house. This will lower the constant load on your AC unit, while simultaneously preserving indoor humidity levels.

Using ceiling cans can also save you some cash. Running 5 or 6 fans is cheaper than a single AC unit.