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La Niña May Mean a Mild Winter

La Niña May Mean a Mild Winter: Are your Heating AND AC Prepared?

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Releases It’s Predictions

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center has released its winter outlook. The forecast shows conditions will be warmer, but it is unlikely we will see a top 10 record warm winter like we have the past two years. NOAA predicts that the East Coast has anywhere from a 33%-40% chance of having an above-average winter. This doesn’t mean we won’t have a cold snap or two, it’s just less likely.

Not Just Warmer, Drier

Northern Florida and south Georgia, both regions that have had drought conditions within the past year, have the district probabilities of continuing dry conditions this winter. Drought could develop in some areas of the South due to these conditions, especially in areas that missed rainfall associated with the active 2017 hurricane season. Forecasters are give about a 55% to 65% chance during the winter that La Niña will fully form.

During a typical La Niña winter, the Northwest and Midwest are typically colder and wetter, while the Southwest to Southeast remains drier than average. This pattern occurs because the Pacific jet stream moves higher into Alaska and Canada which keesp some of the dips in the jet stream farther north across the Eastern US.

Getting Your Home Ready for Unseasonable Weather

Your HVAC unit may be serving double duty this winter: this means it is important to get not only the heating components inspected, but the air conditioning components as well. Systems should be maintained and inspected every 6 months. Routine maintenance can prevent a small easily fixed problem from becoming an expensive one. Consider protecting your unit with our Air One Value Protection Plan.

This includes regular scheduled maintenance twice a year in spring and fall, Reminder Service, Pre-Season Scheduling, and more. Learn More about the benefits of an Airone Value protection Plan for keeping your system running smooth all year round!