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Is Your HVAC Hurricane Ready?

Is Your HVAC System Ready for Hurricane Season?

Ready or Not Hurricane Season 2017 is Here

Hurricane Season 2017 has officially started. As Southerners we are all familiar with the drill: stock up on water, nonperishable foods, flashlights and batteries, as well as setting up hurricane protection for our homes – but most people completely overlook their HVAC systems.

HVAC preparation a critical component of hurricane preparedness. A few simple steps can prevent expensive repairs later on. Learn what to do before the storm arrives and make it more likely you’ll have heating and air conditioning afterwards.

Preparing your HVAC system for a hurricane

Make sure your air conditioner is ready to brave the storm by having a preventive HVAC maintenance check.

Once the storm is on its way, unplug any electrical items in case of a power outage. Shut off the breaker to your HVAC unit to decrease the possibility of damage to the system, which could result in costly HVAC repairs after the storm. This will also reduce the chance of blowing circuits or the fuse box when the electricity comes back on.

In addition, protect your HVAC unit’s exterior components. Use tarps to keep fragments thrown in the wind from damaging or getting stuck in the unit. You can also board up the unit so it can withstand extreme winds, possible lightning strikes and anything else the hurricane could have in store.

You won’t want to waste any time without air conditioning once the storm passes. Proper preparation means you’ll get your system back up and running in no time.