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It’s difficult to overestimate the impact of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). According to the EPA, poor IAQ is among the top five environmental risks. Pollutants in a buildings air can cause dizziness and headaches, as well as aggravate allergies and asthma. While cleaning and vacuuming can improve indoor air, cleaning alone will not solve IAQ problems. Good IAQ carries numerous, valuable benefits. It helps improve the health and productivity of employees, decreases absenteeism, increases learning and student performance levels and creates a more positive customer experience. 

Air One provides Whole Home Air Purifiers that can help improve IAQ, going beyond heating and cooling the space to improve humidity levels and reduce or eliminate contaminants. Air purifiers eliminate odors and can reduce the amount of pet hair in the air. In addition, many of these options help reduce escalating energy costs, providing you with an efficient and effective IAQ solution. Air purification system are attached to the furnace or air handler, where contaminants are removed and destroyed before air is recirculated into the home.

Air One recommends the PureAir Home Air Purification System which uses exclusive UVA-light technology to attack all three classes of indoor air contaminants & particles, mold/mildew/bacteria and odors/chemical vapors. It not only reduces, but also destroys ozone, a known lung irritant.

PureAir is the only single home air purifier / indoor air quality system to attack all three classes of indoor air contaminants:

      • Small, breathable particles such as dust, dirt, pollen and allergens
      • Airborne mold spores, bacteria and viruses
      • Odors and chemical vapors

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