Air One Heating and Cooling provides the following products and services to customers in the Metairie, Kenner and New Orleans areas – and there is NEVER a trip charge!

Minimize the chance your air conditioning system will fail on a hot summer day with the Air One Value Protection Plan! Air One’s Value Protection Plan includes servicing your air conditioner in the Spring and your heating system or furnace in the Fall. Learn more about the Air One Value Protection Plan!

Air One Heating and Cooling provides air conditioning repair and installation to customers in the Metairie, Louisiana and New Orleans areas – and there is NEVER a trip charge! Air conditioning repair diagnostics are a flat $99. Prior to installation or repair, Air One will give you an upfront, flat-rate quote that includes parts and labor so you know exactly what it it going to cost to service your air conditioning system!

Programmable and Wireless Thermostats

Monitor and adjust the temperature in your home from anywhere in the world with a wireless, programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats help you save money on your heating and cooling costs by striking the perfect balance between comfort and efficiency! Air One recommends the Honeywell’s FocusPRO® 6000 which offers the perfect blend of features, performance. energy savings and value. With the largest backlit screen in its class and an easy-to-read digital display, FocusPRO 6000 prominently displays both room and set temperature. Plus, Red-LINK™ wireless models are available which allow you to re-locate a thermostat, upgrade equipment, add zoning and more — quickly and easily — without wires. Control your thermostat remotely from your iPhone or Android phone with an easy-to-use app!

Learn more about wireless, programmable thermostats from Honeywell:

Air One Value Protection Plans

Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling system is vital to ensure reliable and efficient air quality in your home! Benefits include:
  • Increased energy efficiency which can lower your utility bills!
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Locate and repair problems BEFORE they become expensive emergencies!
  • Prolong the life of your heating and cooling equipment
  • Maintains the factory warrangy
* 12 Filters (1″ pleated). Custom sizes extra. Upgrades available.
** Service request received by noon Monday-Friday
Value Protection Plan BenefitsGold StandardPlatinum Plus
Regular Scheduled MaintenanceSpring and FallSpring and Fall
Reminder Service  
Pre-Season Scheduling  
Clean and Inspect Entire System  
Clean Condensor Coil  
Clean Condensate Drains  
Tighten Electrical Connections  
Measure Volts/Amps  
Lubricate Moving Parts  
Adjust Thermostat Calibration  
Clean Outside Unit  
Replace Filters *
Ensure Correct Air Flow  
Test Safety Controls  
Clean Dryer Vent (Regularly $35)  
Inflation Protection1 year2 years
Savings on Repair Diagnostics$10 off$15 off
Repair Discount10% off10% off
Priority Status on All Repairs24 HoursSame Day**
Overtime RatesNeverNever
Repair Warranty1 year1 year
Purchase Accrual $25/Year
Annual Cost$198$310
Monthly Payment Plan$18$27

Specialty Filters

80% of all HVAC systems will accept the 5″ MERV 10 filter which reduces “filter bypass” and increases air quality in your home. Gaps between the filter and filter frames (“filter bypass”) allow particles to be pulled around the filter, entering the duct system and ultimately, your home or office. Particles that by-pass the filtering process, can accumulate on the evaporator coils. A 0.05-inch accumulation of these particles can reduce efficiency and increase utility bills up to 37%. These same particles provide nutrients for mold, mildew and other biological contaminants that can breed and grow in the ventilation system. Our 5″ filter’s self sealing gasket conforms to imperfections in the filter track, eliminating filter by-pass, and preserving the integrity of the MERV 10 rating. Reduced resistance to airflow also allows your air-conditioning/heating system to operate more efficiently reducing energy consumption by as much as 300% compared to one-inch pleat filters. Your 5″ filter only needs to be changed twice per year. For maximum efficiency, we recommend the Air One Value Protection Plan which includes changing your filter as well as inspecting your heating and cooling systems to ensure they are running at maximum efficiency.